15 Jan

A reminder of great creativity

There creative industry, along with the world, and mourning the loss of two giants this week – David Bowie and Alan Rickman. The creative world spins on a slightly different axis without these giants walking upon it. But while we try to come to terms with such a huge loss, we also have so much to celebrate about their lives and work. And so much to thank them for.

Let’s start with Bowie. Before establishing himself as global “Rock God”, Bowie began his working life at an advertising agency. He always said that his experience in advertising shaped the way he worked later in his career. Not just the way he developed his ideas – but the very ideas themselves. He taught people so much. He taught people to not be afraid of pushing the boundaries. To be daring. To be different. To stand out. To take calculated and ambitious risks, and to never just be safe.

And so when reflecting upon a man of this stature, it seems only right to consider his philosophies in our work. We want the radio commercials and campaigns we create to stand out, to get people talking, to cut through, to be different. We don’t want our work to be “safe” or just blend in with everything else. We want them to shout out at the top of their voices “LISTEN TO THIS!”

Which bring us on to Alan Rickman. His tone of voice, his use of language, his unique delivery – it shaped his style throughout his career. Such an incredible vocal performer – in film, stage, TV and when he fronted advertising campaigns. One of the most effective but overlooked ingredients of a successful radio campaign is the performance of the voice representing your brand. And especially a recognisable voice, that brings credibility and endorsement to your brand. The right voice for the job takes the effectiveness of your radio campaign to a completely different level, bring huge recall.

Just last month, Alan lent his voice to “This Tortoise Could Save A Life” – a viral video campaign to help raise funds for Save The Children UK and Refugee Council. Such a simple idea – take a popular online meme, add a celebrity voice and get it out there. The results were spectacular. Take a look at the video here.

So there we are. Thank you, gentlemen. For the talent. For the creativity. For making us think, question and change. For everything. The stars do indeed look very different today.

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