Who we work with

Whether you’re an advertising agency, an advertiser or a media buyer, Kalua is the perfect audio partner for your business. We tailor our services and expertise to suit your needs.

For advertisers, we’ll produce your campaigns from beginning to end, taking care of everything from script concepts through to full production. For advertising agencies we can offer exactly the same service. Or if you already have the creative but you need your ideas produced, then we can effectively act as your audio production department.

And with our state-of-the-art studios and award-winning producers, you can be sure that production values at Kalua - and the work we produce for you - are always of the highest standard.

Why we're different

Kalua can be whatever you need us to be. We're brief takers, script writers, audio producers and output-monitors. And you can use as little or as much of our expertise as you need.

With radio advertising for example, we can look after your campaigns from start to finish – from initial campaign ideas and scripts, to production and monitoring your commercials on air. Our aim is to build strong, long lasting relationships and great creative partnerships with clients. We care about your campaigns as much as you do.

So if you want to hear how your business could sound on air, or want to talk about working with us for your next radio campaign or audio project, please do get in touch. Let's make stuff.

Snapshot of clients:

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