16 Oct

Aligning Music To Your Brand

Whenever we’re developing a new radio advertising campaign, an initial thought that we apply to almost every brainstorm is “let music work hard for the brand”. Particularly if the role of the campaign in question is to push an on air identity or brand for the client.

So with this in mind, we’ve enjoyed talking with clients over the last few weeks through the Radiocentre’s new Brand Music Navigator tool and Strike A Chord research, both of which were unveiled at the legendary Abbey Road Studios recently.

The power of music on radio and within radio creative simply cannot be underestimated. It determines how the listener FEELS about a piece of communication or brand using it. It stirs up emotions in us that simple language use cannot do. It creates a desired atmosphere, it takes us to a particular time or place in our lives, and it affects us in ways that are very difficult to define. It does all this without so much as a single word spoken. And yet, sadly, it is all too often over-looked. It can be the after-thought at the end of a very thorough creative process.

For us, music is often the starting point for us when creating new radio campaign ideas. It helps turn a black and white brief into colourful sound. It helps to create the audio identity and on-air feel for a brand. It triggers emotions in us that we can then create for the listener. And along with all this, it also triggers off brilliant ideas and creative routes.

The Radiocentre’s new Brand Music Navigator is a fantastic tool for starting the conversation about music in radio advertising. It’s a great way to help brand owners think about what their brand might sound like to a customer, as a piece of music.

And if anyone is in any doubt as to the importance of music in radio advertising, just have a look through the Radiocentre’s ‘Strike A Chord’ research. It’s packed full of interesting findings. One main headline that stands out in the research is: “Ads which use music strategically score more highly across a range of measures then ads that do not feature any music and those that use music tactically.” Very nice.

The Brand Music Navigator tool is a great conversation starting point for brand music use. Have a look here, and if you want to talk through your brand music use or the new Strike A Chord research, drop us a note.

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