31 Mar

Aligning radio commercials to radio networks

We’ve got a bundle of new radio campaigns breaking on air this week, an interesting one being a new brand campaign for a number of outlet mall clients, based around the UK.

After a good deal of work looking behind the various brands and focusing on how to best get a picture of ‘fashion’ on radio, we ended up with a similar script treatment for several of the outlet malls. This led to a couple of the outlets having exactly the same radio commercial script, running on a number of different radio stations, all with different demographics.

One of the campaigns ran on a Capital FM station, along with a regional Heart FM, and also one of the Smooth stations. The same commercial message, on three different stations. And this is where we have to look at what the client is trying to achieve, and then look back at their radio creative. The standard route of course is to create your radio commercial or campaign creative, and then run it across the various networks and hope for campaign synergy across all networks. Fine… but will the commercials work the hardest taking this route?

The same media company now owns the three brands above, all marketed, programmed, and targeted to bring in different audiences with different interests, ages and responses. There are very fine lines of course, and no radio network should exclude anyone, but a natural Capital FM listener is very different to a natural Smooth listener.

And so… back to our radio creative. Should you be talking to the listeners in a slightly different way? Do all three audiences react the same way? For the campaign above for example, we chose not to run the same commercial across all three networks, but instead created a piece of music for the client that whilst very unique to the client, could be remade using various different instrumentation to fit the various brands. It’s still the same music with the same melody, but tweaked to fit the audiences listening.

Again with the campaign VO, whilst we kept with a female voiceover across all there brands, we changed the artist slightly to fit the older demographics as you moved from the Capital FM commercial through to the Smooth FM version, along with some of the language used in the scripts.

The result… a radio campaign with three slightly different radio commercials, all tailored to the networks they’re running on, but all anchored around some core values to push the client’s campaign message. Radio is all about communicating with listeners, through emotions. So tap into the reasons why a particular listener is choosing a particular radio network, and you can use that to your advantage.

Music, language, tone… align your commercial to the radio station it’s running on, and you’ll have a campaign that works much harder for you.

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