31 Mar

Branding with audio content

We love audio content online. Free of time constraints, hosted by the most powerful media environment we’ve ever known, the limits are endless as to what you can achieve. We’ve just finished a large audio project for a home furnishings client, known very well in the UK for being individual and quirky.

Our task was to create audio content that would sit online across their various sites, with the task not being to help site navigation – but simply push the brand values of the company through audio. With an eye on the consumption of online through smartphones, they chose to focus on having a piece of audio that simply pushed their quirky, fun, and current brand.

And so… we created two audio characters that could be played at any time across the sites, with a brother/sister relationship. Feisty, one knowing more than the other, both from the same parent, but both very different in how they wanted to work. Each piece of audio was used to get across the fun and quirky feel of the client, spelling out knowledge of the products on screen, but all wrapped up in light hearted humour that wasn’t intended to sell – simply to entertain in the style of the client.

Imagine some of the worlds biggest brands… and going for a meal with them. You’d know exactly what to expect from their company. Think of a global brand… got one in mind? Now imagine that brand as a person. What conversation would they lead? How would they respond to you? Would it be a fun, serious, or difficult conversation with them?

You’ll be able to answer all these questions, and that’s just because you can identify the strong brand values your global brand has – especially through audio. In doing it online as above, we created a simple suite of audio that entertains the visitor from the moment they hit the site, and makes them feel like they’re listening in to a conversation with the brand. And designed for smart phone usage, it makes the mobile site offering truly interactive.

So yes, we love audio content. Used in the right way, it can be a very powerful form of audio marketing, that will link directly into your mix of marketing elsewhere. Let’s make great stuff.

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