18 Sep

Casting consistent voiceovers in radio campaigns

When casting for a radio campaign, obviously there’s a huge amount of time spent on getting the right voiceover or voiceovers to create your brand sound. The voice artist you choose is quite simply – your company – on radio. How they sound, what impression they leave on listeners, how friendly or professional they appear, how down to earth or formal they deliver the script, is all a reflection on how your brand will be perceived by your audience.

And looking back over hundreds of radio campaigns that have run this year, it’s interesting that many brands choose not to stick with the same voiceover across different campaigns. Is this a trick being missed?

Of course, sometimes your radio campaign will contain a set of very different commercials from the last campaign, and may need an entirely different approach on how the commercial needs to sound. But even if we just take the sign off voice, announcer, call to action details as a single voice – should you not keep that voice the same across multiple campaigns for as long as possible?

Because this is where your silent branding takes effect… think about the real world. Can you imagine how bizarre it would be if every time your best friend spoke to you… they sounded completely different? One day, their voice was theirs… the next day it was suddenly twenty years older… the next day… it had a regional accent… or a different gender! It’s the same person though… or is it?

You’d start to feel a loss of connection with them, because quite frankly… well there’s something a little weird about your friend now. But this is a great example of how your brand and company could be perceived in the real world. It doesn’t cost anything to have a consistent brand voice across multiple campaigns, and it can usually be made to work with no detriment to the creative at all. The creative can be quite different from campaign to campaign, but still have a feel of consistency about it, through voice selection.

And what this does… is start to build your brand’s sound with the listener, and start a relationship with them. When they hear ‘you’, they know it’s you. It’s audio with an element of familiarity. And that, is the very foundation of why radio works as a medium.

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