12 Feb

Commercial Radio in the driving seat

It’s a well-known fact that one of the biggest benefits of advertising on radio is that, as a medium, radio goes where we go. Radio wakes us up in the morning, accompanies our breakfasts, entertain us in the shower and keeps us company throughout the day. Which is why it proves so effective as an advertising medium, because obviously this means wherever potential clients go, creative advertising messages can go too. And one of the most important places that we consume radio is in the car – to and from work, family journeys, long distances, wherever we go, the radio is there by our side. Or rather, just below the air con…

But just HOW important the car radio is became very clear in a recent survey of UK, French and German drivers. Eight out of ten car drivers said that they would never consider buying a car without a radio. 82% in fact. Not only that, but 75% said that ALL in-car listening is to the radio (even in modern cars), 84% always or mostly listen to the radio on every journey, and 90% believed that radio should be free and easy to listen to. Simply put, this is the latest study that shows that as the growth of new media continues to fill the trade press, Radio is still very much king of the road.

The research comes as the latest UK RAJAR figures also reveal that a higher proportion of radio listening is being done at the wheel than ever before. And as RAJAR also showed that, for the first time in over 15 years, more people are listening to commercial radio than BBC stations. This really is a golden time for including radio on any media plan. Or more specifically, the car radio.

One of the biggest areas of any radio campaign when you look into the creative, is WHERE is your listener listening? Who are you trying to attract, and what environment are they in? We’re not advocating that any single radio campaign is tailed to suit just in car users, but the volume of listening that is done at the wheel certainly asks the question of the copywriter to look at the messaging. And think how it will be consumed by a listener.

Seatbelt, ignition, radio. Radio is here to stay… whilst still being one the move. Read the full article here.

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