12 Aug

Getting radio creative to work in a commercial break

Ahhh… it’s a beautiful moment. You’ve spent weeks – no, MONTHS planning your radio creative. On the most expensive studio monitors you can buy, it sounds splendid. You then distribute your audio to the radio network… waiting to hear it on air… and turn a rather pale shade of grey when you do.

Because it could sound very different. In the real world, your radio commercial will be sandwiched against other commercials fighting for air space; it will be processed and compressed by radio transmission equipment. Depending upon the playout system used, the first/last 0.4 seconds of your commercial may even overlap with another one!

And then there’s the audience… your customers won’t hear your radio creative in isolation in an acoustically treated studio either. They’ll hear it through personal headphones, on a car stereo, through tablet or laptop speakers, in a workplace environment – and endless other situations and locations that bring noise with them.

So when you create your radio commercial – take it out of the studio and sample it within a commercial break to see how it sounds. Create the listening environments above and see how your message sounds in the ‘real world’ – and the majority of the time, you’ll find yourself going back to the studio and tweaking levels and mixes to get it working great cross all the challenges above.

Don’t have these tools at your disposal? We do – if you have a commercial you’d like to hear in the ‘real world’, or want to hear how you’d sound in a radio stations commercial break – even if you don’t have a commercial yourself yet – let us know, and we’ll put something together for you.

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