26 Jan

Global Radio settles into Liverpool

It’s been just over a week now since Global Radio launched its latest radio station. Capital Liverpool (formerly Juice FM) broadcast for the first time at 6am on Monday 18th January.

The station is the twelfth Capital station in the country, providing a much needed market to the Global Radio Sales Teams. Global’s penetration into Liverpool had previously only been through Heart North West and Smooth North West. But how successful can a radio station perform when it covers two very individual cities with very strong personalities.

Several years ago, Global faced a similar issue repositioning Capital South Wales – a license that covered both Cardiff and Bristol. These were two very different cities, in different countries, and the proposition of selling campaigns across both cities was always more difficult given that a typical listener would side with one city or the other.

And so was the case with Heart North West and Smooth Radio North West – radio stations that traditionally performed much better in Manchester than in Liverpool.  With the launch of Capital Liverpool, not only is the Capital Network increased but Global Radio now have another big city they can call home in Liverpool.  It’s no surprise that they valued this license at over 10 million pounds.

It will be interesting to see the reaction across the North West scene, both with Global’s push for the new station and also Bauer Media’s response, who, arguably, own the heritage licenses in this part of the UK. Both companies have promotional campaigns in place for 2016, but will they match up to those ideas of the independent Juice FM? Just a few years ago they proudly promoted Orange Wednesdays across Liverpool every week, where listeners could win a free fake tan. Brilliant.

Either way, we’ve produced a number of campaigns that are due to run on the new Capital, so we look forward to seeing how they perform.

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