30 Jun

Mind Your Language!

In our digital world full of websites and blogs and tweets and vlogs, we’re constantly thinking about how we can use language effectively. What keywords, phrases or conversations will help our digital campaigns land onto people’s devices? What shall we write to fully optimise the work? How can we make the words and language we use in a digital environment, work harder for us?

Whilst these are of course important questions for your digital teams to ask… shouldn’t you also be asking it of radio?

As part of our process of creating an effective and strong radio campaign, we ask these kind of questions of our script writers too. Once we have a clear brief and we understand exactly what we are trying to say to the listener, these are the very same questions we ask ourselves: what are the keywords for this commercial? How can we use language most effectively to drive home the message? What style of language should we use to optimise the message? What words and phrases do we need to leave with the listener?

We recently created a radio campaign for our friends at First Travel. The brief was clear and concise: “SimpliCITY” – for just £4.50 a day, you get unlimited travel anywhere across the city on First Buses. So what are the keywords for this campaign? Well, the first clue is in the name – “simplicity” – simple, easy, straightforward, child’s play.

This short list of keywords triggered the basic idea for the campaign: “travel so simple, it’s child’s play”. And so the idea of writing in the style of a children’s story or poem was born. Then when we factored in the message that you can travel anywhere in the city with this ticket (north, south, east or west), we used place names from across the city to produce a simple, child-like poem.

The style of writing, the kind of language, the keywords, all work together to optimise the message – simplicity. However you hear the campaign, and how much or little of it you hear in the listening environment (be it at home, at work, in the car), there would be no doubt that the keywords you took from the commercial, however few, would leave you with the impression that travelling in that way was so simple and easy.

Keywords keywords keywords… they don’t just exist and are in use in digital campaigns. Pack your radio script with the right phrase or hero word, and you’ll land everything you want to say into the radio listeners mind… without saying very much at all.

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