• Bespoke Music

    Having an original piece of music composed for your brand, can give you the stand-out you’re looking for; cutting through a crowded market place and providing fantastic recall for advertising campaigns.

    And we’re not talking about “jingles”; they’re a bit 1980s for us. Instead, we produce full length musical brand identities that build a memorable and unique ‘sound’ for your business. With music we can position your brand on any platform. Radio, TV, Online – we give a musical identity that strikes a chord with your audience. No pun intended.

    Our track record speaks for itself. Our composers have composed bespoke music tracks for the likes of AOL, Aviva, and McDonalds.

  • Music Licensing

    When exploring ideas for the music element of a campaign, there may already be an existing commercial song that fits the brief perfectly.

    Instantly recognisable and relevant in terms of both lyrics and style, the benefits of licensing a famous track for use in advertising are obvious. And this is where our music licensing team comes into its own.

    Through liaising with artists, agents, record companies and music publishers, we make the process of licensing a published track hassle free. We take care of all the copyright issues and paperwork, and if required, we can also rerecord the tracks to bring them up to date or put your individual stamp on it, making an existing track ‘your own’.

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Our composers make sweet music for:

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