15 Sep

My Way, Your Way – Recreating Published Music

“I Did It My Way”… is how the infamous Sinatra end line goes. We’re not sure what Frank was talking about exactly… although we’re pretty sure he wasn’t reflecting on a recent song he’d recorded for an advertiser’s radio campaign.

But then again… he could have been. And Frank would have had a point. Because when it comes to using such well-known songs in radio advertising campaigns, you really need to think how to do it your way.

Many household brands license well known commercial music tracks for their campaigns. Recently, think B&Q with “Our House”, ASDA with “Bring Me Sunshine” and of course John Lewis of course with their notable Christmas campaigns over the last four years, and this years now finished in production (rumour has it). But rather than simply using the original song, all of them have re-worked the songs, in very different styles, to suit their target market. They’ve done it THEIR way.

And we’re big fans of it. At Kalua we regularly rerecord published tracks for advertisers. Done well, it can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of radio and TV campaigns. We know that using a well-known song brings with it lots of benefits – it’s instantly recognisable, creates a strong audio brand, associates the brand with the artist and their audience. But if you re-produce the track, you can put your own stamp on it. Make it yours. Re-mould it to fit your brand perfectly.

And we can go one step further. If a brand or product crosses multiple demographics, music can be reworked into multiple styles, whilst still being connected through melody or lyrics or theme. You can tailor-make your brand music to suit the various audiences, and actually be network specific with it from a radio perspective. With a number of brand musical identities, we’ve created classical mixouts for Classic FM, upbeat current and credible mixes for Kiss & Capital, more acoustic & guitar led mixes for Absolute & talkSPORT… but all connected through melody & song.

Target your specific audience with different mixes. That way you still get all the benefits of an instantly recognisable song, but in a style that is sympathetic to the musical tastes of that station’s audience. Combined, these things go a long way to make your radio campaigns engage firmly with your potential customers.

The radio audience across networks is very, very different… and so tweaking your brand sound and creative to land better with them, will help you really connect and deliveryour message.

Listen to Frank. Do it your way.

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