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Need a mood boost? Switch on the radio…

There are number of reasons why listeners tune into live radio, from the music genre to the opinionated presenter to the local traffic reports, the list goes on. For a lot of people, radio acts as an important lifestyle support system which helps to satisfy varying needs across the week. But what emotional impact does radio have on its consumers? And how does it compare to other forms of media? Radiocentre’s ‘Media and the Mood of the Nation’ study explores.

As part of the study, 1000 consumers were surveyed via their smartphones and were asked to rate their mood and energy levels whilst consuming TV, radio and online.

The study was also supported by an additional piece of research which analysed brain engagement whilst participants were exposed to different pieces of audio content.

The main finding was that radio listeners have higher levels of happiness and energy than consumers of the other forms of media surveyed.

But what does this mean for advertisers?

Academic and advertising research show that listeners are more receptive to advertising messages when their mood is enhanced. If they’re in a better mood, they are more engaged with the advertising messages that they hear which has a positive impact on the effectiveness of a campaign.

The findings demonstrate the influential emotional role that radio plays in people’s lives and why radio should be given far greater consideration in marketing plans.

The survey also showed that:

– On average, when consuming radio, Happiness & Energy scores increase by 100% and 300% compared to when no media is being consumed.

– Radio is the highest scoring medium for Happiness & Energy in 70% of dayparts across the week.

– Radio is also part of the most effective mood-enhancing media combination, when consumed concurrently with online.

– This mood-boosting effect of radio editorial extends into the ad break generating 30% higher levels of positive engagement with radio advertising.

– Radio gives advertisers a unique and powerful opportunity to reach consumers in a positive frame of mind, when they will be more receptive to advertising messages.

People are the happiest and most energetic when listening to radio. The medium acts as a powerful ‘Emotional Multiplier’, boosting consumer happiness and enhancing receptiveness to advertising messages. For advertisers, radio represents a unique, powerful and exciting opportunity to influence how consumers feel about a brand.

To find out more how about making the most of radio’s ‘Emotional Multiplier’ effect, contact the team at Kalua today on 0161 933 7800 or click here to download the findings from Radiocentre’s ‘Media and the Mood of the Nation’ study.

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