21 Aug

New Radio Campaign for Thomas Cook

A new radio campaign for Thomas Cook has broken across the UK over the last few weeks. We were delighted to work again with the Thomas Cook team on the radio element of the campaign.

The new “We Love” campaign works well in targeting different markets and customers, to showcase late holiday offers, using emotive language, sounds and delivery – all of which work great across radio.

Three strands of the campaign were created for radio, pushing Family, Cruise and Couples offers, and all commercials take a position from the radio listener’s view of going on holiday, having wonderful memories, and recapping those wonderful memories.

To work effectively across the UK radio network, we also created a custom piece of music for the campaign, pushing the emotive and romantic feel of the commercials, and then created various mixouts of the signature tune to fit the various networks, from Classic FM to Capital.

Early response shows that the campaign is working very well, and certainly delivering results from the radio advertising. You’ll hear treatments of “We Love” across the UK for the next few weeks, and you can find out more about the campaign and offers at Thomas Cook.

Go on… grab one last holiday experience before the summer ends…

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