23 May

RAJAR Q1 2016 – digital radio listening steals the show

The latest radio audience figures for Q1 2016 have been released by RAJAR and show the total reach of UK radio stands at an impressive 89.3% of the adult population (15+). This is an increase of approximately 24,000 compared to Q1 2015. Commercial radio audiences continue to remain strong at 64% or 34.3 million people each week, up year-on-year (from 63.4% or 33.9 million people in Q1 2015) but the ground commercial radio gained against the BBC in the last quarter has been lost.

Some of the highlights from this set of figures come from digital radio listening with 57% of the population tuning into a digital radio every week. For the first time, digital listening at home edged over the 50% mark, with 51.5% of all radio listening at home being via a digital platform, ahead of analogue listening (48.5%). Ownership of a DAB digital radio also increased to 55.7%, with 30 million adults now claiming to own a DAB radio, an increase of 14% year on year.

Online share of listening grew to 7.8% and now accounts for 18% of digital listening, while digital TV share of listening grew to 5.4% (12% of digital listening).

In-car digital listening grew by 32.5% to 21.2% of all listening (from 16% in Q1 2015), driven by the growth in new cars being fitted with a digital radio as standard and this pattern shows no sign of slowing down.

The strong gains made in digital radio listening across the industry were reflected in Bauer Media’s results. For the first time they have reported 55% of its total listening takes place via a digital device compared to the industry average (44%).

These figures once again demonstrate how accessible radio is and the way audiences are consuming it is constantly evolving.

As the momentum behind digital radio listening continues, advertisers are presented with exciting opportunities to tailor their media planning and creative to the listener. How and where your audience is listening, is key to the success of any campaign.

The next set of RAJAR results (4th August) promises to be an interesting book as it will include the Virgin Radio re-launch and 16 new digital radio stations. The question is will these new digital stations be enough to tip digital listening over the 50% mark from its current level of 44.1%? Watch this space……

For a full round up of the latest RAJAR results, click here.

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