12 Sep

Rhythm Is The Answer


Have a look at the scene above. The sign above the road caught our eye here at Kalua. Because it is a great example of how the use of rhythm in writing can really enhance the message you’re trying to get out there. It only takes one read of it and it’s there, lodged, in your head. Simple. If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge. Yes, there’s a clever use of word play: if you – you will. Hit – hit. This – that. But it’s the rhythm and the repetition of the rhythm in the second line that makes it so easy to remember.

And when it comes to writing radio advertising campaigns, ‘rhythm within the writing’ is a great tool we have at our disposal.

So why is rhythm so important? And how can we use it to such a great effect?

As humans, rhythm is hard-wired into our very existence. Rhythm is the very essence of what it is to be alive. It’s our pulse, it’s our heartbeat, it’s the one constant we have throughout all of our lives. We love music. But without rhythm, music would just be noise. It’s as if we need rhythm to make sense of things. We engage with rhythm.

And we can use this “engagement” to really impact and enhance our campaigns, even on a completely subconscious level. If an advertiser has their own brand music, we re-work the scripts to fit around it, rhythmically. We make the wording work with the rhythm of the music. Make a specific word hit a specific beat. Or a pause in the copy to mirror a pause in the music. It’s a simple but incredibly powerful way of engaging the listener more. Because just like that road sign, it’s not just what it says, but how it sounds.

A few months ago, we produced a radio trail to promote the latest Doctor Who series. The music was great. Rhythmically, it was very powerful. So we worked the script to fit the music. Each line of copy was timed to fit the rhythmical phrasing of the track. And in doing so, the dramatic impact of the voiceover was huge. Of course, it would still have worked without going to such lengths – but by making the script work rhythmically – and however subtly – the final trail really cut through on air.

If you would like to have a chat about the use of rhythmic writing within your radio campaigns, call Kalua on 0161 933 7800.

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