04 Feb

Strong RAJAR numbers for Commercial Radio

Today is the day of crossed fingers and calculators, as the latest radio audience research (RAJAR) figures are out, and it’s great news for commercial radio. Because for the first time in over 15 years, commercial radio has overtaken the BBC. There are now officially more people listening to commercial radio each week than listening to BBC stations.

As the advertising world pushes new technologies and platforms within digital, it’s often hard to forget just how robust and powerful radio advertising is, and the numbers continue to stack up and prove it. Average weekly listeners to commercial radio have now topped 35.1 million in Q5, 2015. That’s a lot of potential customers for radio advertisers. And with 18 new national digital stations launching over the next few months, commercial radio is certainly standing strong, and more than ever is looking like a mandatory inclusion on any media plan.

Interesting, too, are the changes in the ways in which listeners are consuming radio. It is more accessible than ever. Today’s RAJAR figures show that more than half (56%) of the UK population now use DAB, DTV or online to listen to digital radio. The digital share of all radio listening has grown from 20.9% (2009) to 41.7%, with 29 million people claiming to own a DAB radio. Mobile listening is up 20% year on year, with 26% of adults (15+) saying they listen to the radio via their mobile phone at least once a month, either streaming direct or via the Radio Player App. With younger audiences (15 – 24), this figure rises to 41%.

This continued growth – and change – of listening habits, need to feed into your commercial radio campaigns. How and where your audience is listening, is key to getting an effective call to action or response working from your commercial.

But for now, hats and headphones off to commercial radio. Growing and delivering more audiences than ever into 2016.

For a full round up of today’s RAJAR results, click here.

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