09 Jul

Optimising Your Media Plan

When working on radio creative treatments, the first and most important thing for us to clarify is who exactly we are trying to target. Every marketer will know that the days of claiming their core target market is “everyone” are over. The most basic of creative campaigns have to start at a much deeper level of audience understanding. As a result, when we start to conceive a radio creative treatment we spend a heck of a lot of time considering who, exactly, we want to talk to; narrowing it down to a very specific, single individual. Client research will take us to Mosaic data levels if needed. Then, and only then, can we start to think about creative treatments that would really engage that person. Once we have a creative execution that we think would work effectively against that individual – using appropriate language and style of writing, we then spend a great deal of time working on music that would be most impactful. Then finding the right voice. We could go on.

The point is we spend huge amounts of time getting the creative absolutely right.

And we find it interesting when occasionally, we’re presented with a media campaign that our creative is to run on, and the traditional model of booking against scale has been chosen, rather than client data. What we mean, is a blanket booking across the same media owner. Is this the best answer? Well it certainly delivers on scale and convenience of booking. But radio station listener demographics can differ for many reasons, even within the same radio group. Simple geography can play a part. A specific radio listener in Norfolk can be quite different to a specific radio listener in North Wales, even if they’re listening to the same radio brand – be it Magic, Heart or Absolute.  It might well be the same station output… but the audience can differ greatly, due to geography.

A refreshing approach that many clients are now moving to, is a much smarter way of planning media. Not just buying “the radio brand nationally” because it’s probably the right station, but analysing the audience data in each area and making sure that every pound spent on airtime is working as hard as it possibly can. The target audience you’re after might be a perfect fit for Smooth South Wales. But that’s not to say that Smooth North East has the same audience profile – there could be another local brand shifting the market demographics a little.

Last year’s “Re-Evaluating Media” report, carried out jointly by Radiocentre and Ebiquity, firmly put commercial radio as the number one medium for “targeting the right people in the right place at the right time”. And this is especially true when those two key components are treated with equal importance. Getting the creative execution spot on is obviously vital. Getting the media plan spot on is just as essential. Do both and you can be confident that your radio campaign is going to be seriously effective.

If you would like to talk about your radio creative, or get some impartial and independent advice on your media schedule, call the Kalua team on 0161 933 7800.

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