11 Nov

The Importance of Localising Your Messaging

Car 3

On a recent journey to meet with one of our clients, we were heading south on the M6 – somewhere between Knutsford and Sandbach in Cheshire. As ever, we had commercial radio on and were listening to one of the North West’s regional stations. As the song faded, we zipped up our collective anoraks, turned up the volume and listened intently to the ad breaks. Within seconds there was a tangible sense of rage in the car. Cries of “NOOOO!”, “WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING AT?!” “WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US?!” echoed around the vehicle. Writers wept uncontrollably in the back seats…

Okay, so we might be over-egging it a little. But not much.

The first ad in that break not only referenced “London” three times, but the creative treatment was all about being stuck on the M25 every morning rush hour. Not something to get upset about on the face of it. But it is something that drives us mad here at Kalua.

Joking aside, there is a serious point here and it’s this. “Localise your messaging!” If it’s a national radio campaign, it makes absolutely no difference to production costs to reference local places, addresses, locations that are geographically relevant to listeners. Had the ad we heard been tweaked for the North West to say “M6” and not “M25, then there’s immediately more of a connection with the audience – however subtle. Had the call to action said “visit your local Manchester store at…” and not just “search online for your nearest store”, then, again, the connection is made. It means something to ME!

We all know that radio is a fantastic medium for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. We’ve always said that radio is our “friend”. We have a very close relationship with it. We take it everywhere we go. We listen when we wake up in the morning, in the shower, whilst eating breakfast, in the car on the way to work, At work, on the way home, over dinner! As listeners, we want it to be a very personal relationship. So when a radio commercial talks about places or situations that are irrelevant to us, then that close relationship can be damaged.

Making sure that the message in your radio campaign is localised and relevant to listeners is just another way of cementing that relationship. Even if it’s tweaking one little line. A little more effort, for a big impact – and costs absolutely nothing.

We spent the rest of the car journey in silence.

If you’d like to talk with us about localising your radio campaigns, then get in touch.

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